And going to the university and the University of Florence in particular, it came out that Professor Ruggiero – that’s myself – was in absolute terms the Best Professor in the Entire University... and not only in biology and medicine but overall, concerning all the professors of the entire university" - Dr Marco Ruggiero, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Florence.

"Derrida's method consisted in demonstrating the forms and varieties of this originary complexity, and their multiple consequences in many fields. He achieved this by conducting thorough, careful, sensitive, and yet transformational readings of philosophical and literary texts, to determine what aspects of those texts run counter to their apparent systematicity (structural unity) or intended sense (authorial genesis)."
- Wikipedia: Jaques Derrida (and also copy-pasted to 2,520 other websites)

"I have long ago given up looking at anything from Snout... He has no credentials at all to discuss the things he talks about, yet feels free to denigrate a long-established, peer-reviewed Italian journal, and highly competent, even distinguished scientists and scholars. If anyone prefers to take his opinion rather than mine, I think that shows rather poor judgement in view of the curriculum vitae posted on my website and the anonymity and missing C.V. of Snout…"

- Henry H. Bauer. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Science Studies and Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time to pay up, AIDS Inc!

ACCORDING TO AN ULTRA RELIABLE dissident source, namely one Clark Baker of the world-renowned Office of Medical and Scientific Justice,* it appears that the shadowy but extremely well funded organisation of PharmaSluts known as AIDS Inc (#14 on the list) has so far paid Seth Kalichman 17 million dollars for his blog, Denying AIDS and other oddities

Celebrated writer, producer, US Marine, private eye, pilot, divemaster, retired LAPD officer and father of a US Marine and public school teacher and general all-round great guy, Clark studied humanity on the streets of Calcutta, Nairobi, Rio, San Salvador, and Los Angeles (according to one of his numerous blogs). So he must be telling the truth here.

As the recipient of such PharmaLargesse it's no wonder Kalichman's smiling!

http://www.omsj.org/blogs/in-defense-of-aids-critics#more-1728 (accessed June 23 2010)

This is an outrage! For all his hard work slaving over a hot dial-up connection, Snout has yet to be offered so much as a cheap plastic ballpoint pen, or a pad of post-it notes emblazoned with the brand name of the latest stiffy pill evidence-based erectile dysfunction therapy.

Nor has Snout ever been permitted to scoff down the dried-out scraggly remains of the sweaty cheese and mystery meat sandwichettes usually left over after one of AIDS Inc's blatant and corrupt "luncheon" meetings (PharmaFeeds). *whimpers*

Enough is Enough!

Snout hereby demands that the goons of AIDS Inc immediately forward an appropriate and commensurate recompense for his efforts on this blog. About $5 - $10 million would be acceptable, given the current going rates. Used unmarked bills in a plain brown paper package, K?

And in US or Aussie dollars, please, not those Zimbabwean notes you tried to fob him off with last time.

You know where his kennel is. 

*OMSJ is supported by attorneys, scientists, physicians, researchers, investigative journalists and individuals throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and in particular by residents of the planet Xyphron.  Because of the nature of their work and the well-documented retaliation that comes with exposing corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, most of these individuals provide support - well, who'd have thunk it - anonymously.  Senior Contributor Liam Scheff and Clark Baker are exceptions, as are several of their imaginary friends.


jtdeshong said...

Well, Snout, you're a sucker!! And so is Kalichman!!

I have been paid a cool $20 Million just for this past quarter alone!! There is much more moola in my National Inquirer style of journalism!!

I could give you a loan.

Seth Kalichman said...

$17 Million? What is he crazy? That is barely what I got from Glaxo alone. He will need to amend his story when he finds out how much I have received from the the Gallo Trust Fund.

Crazy is as Crazy does...and man, is Clark Baker CRAZY!

Snout said...

Yeah, rub it in, why don't you.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharmas not getting much bang for their buck in this trite little blog.