And going to the university and the University of Florence in particular, it came out that Professor Ruggiero – that’s myself – was in absolute terms the Best Professor in the Entire University... and not only in biology and medicine but overall, concerning all the professors of the entire university" - Dr Marco Ruggiero, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Florence.

"Derrida's method consisted in demonstrating the forms and varieties of this originary complexity, and their multiple consequences in many fields. He achieved this by conducting thorough, careful, sensitive, and yet transformational readings of philosophical and literary texts, to determine what aspects of those texts run counter to their apparent systematicity (structural unity) or intended sense (authorial genesis)."
- Wikipedia: Jaques Derrida (and also copy-pasted to 2,520 other websites)

"I have long ago given up looking at anything from Snout... He has no credentials at all to discuss the things he talks about, yet feels free to denigrate a long-established, peer-reviewed Italian journal, and highly competent, even distinguished scientists and scholars. If anyone prefers to take his opinion rather than mine, I think that shows rather poor judgement in view of the curriculum vitae posted on my website and the anonymity and missing C.V. of Snout…"

- Henry H. Bauer. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Science Studies and Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

AIDS Denialist Bingo™ and the DenierList™

Now with 100 150 AIDS Denialist Canards and Argumentoids, for your AIDS Denialist Web-surfing pleasure!

SNOUT IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE to his readers a New Improved DenierList™ of the 100* 150 Most Popular AIDS Denialist Canards and Argumentoids, all in the one convenient, numbered package.
Here they are:

001. Non specific HIV tests
002. Show me the one paper
003. The petition(s)
004. Gallo was a fraud
005. Epidemiology proves it can’t be an infection
006. Never been isolated
007. Poppers cause KS
008. Anything quote mined from a test kit
009. No EMs of HIV
010. Magic Johnson is really HIV neg
011. “Everyone tests positive”
012. Hardly any deaths in South Africa
013. Dissidents have been persecuted/silenced
014. AIDS Inc / AIDS Mafia
015. AZT too toxic for cancer chemotherapy
016. Lab AZT has a skull and crossbones on the label
017. Pharma Shill
018. HIV is really (endogenous) HERV
019. AIDS Truthers won’t debate with us
020. Padian
021. Rodriguez
022. The Bangui definition
023. Intestinal dysbiosis/Gay bowel Syndrome
024. No gold standard
025. 1 million flat graph US prevalence since 1985
026. AIDS is really untreated syphilis / mycoplasma
027. The Continuum award
028. Galileo was right!
029. Just a new name for old diseases
030. AIDS is a category not an illness
031. Kuhn or any use of the word “paradigm”
032. Antibodies mean immunity
033. No vaccine proves there’s no virus
034. There are no FDA approved HIV tests
035. HIV only rarely detected in people with AIDS
036. HIV rarely progresses to AIDS
037. Follow the money!
038. AIDS theory is racist
039. Age distribution of HIV means it can’t be an STI
040. Haemophiliacs never got AIDS – they were going to die anyway
041. Anal douching causes AIDS
042. Henry Bauer gets candidal balanitis from Bactrim (don't ask, just mark it off)
043. Anything can cause immune deficiency
044. Just about any disease is an aids-defining illness
045. Audrey Serrano
046. AIDS is just a nocebo effect from the Voodoo Curse
047. Harsh overly-deterministic diagnosis
048. Ad Hominem!
049. What about long term non-progressors?
050. The AIDS establishmet destroyed Duesberg's career
051. Where’s the study of HAART vs placebo?
052. AZT monotherapy killed everyone who died of AIDS before 1996
053. HAART (including AZT) is less toxic than AZT alone
054. High dose AZT monotherapy was used until HAART came in
055. What’s wrong with asking questions? I'm just looking for guidance
056. No, of course I’m not really Michael Geiger.
057. Gallo dishonestly published EMs of debris in Science – and none of its readers noticed for 24 years until Janine Roberts came along.
058. The 1984 Science papers weren’t peer reviewed
059. Why won’t you reveal your real identity?
060. Buy my book! I answer everything there, with lots of tables.
061. Steroids are prescribed for STDs
062. The CDC kept rewriting AIDS definitions to keep the money flowing in.
063. Viruses always infect both genders equally
064. TB bacteria make you test HIV positive
065. HIV is endogenous...errr exogenous...wait whats the difference again...?
066. Bone pointing causes AIDS, except for those who find out they are HIV+ only after the symptoms have shown, they must be druggies
067. We are not published because we are censored.
068. It is a mistake to confuse science with medicine.
069. EM’s of HIV are contaminated by cellular proteins.
070. The virus has not been purified
071. Nature, Science, the BB fucking C and the New York Times censor dissident information
072. Complicit in the genocide of gays and blacks
073. AIDS affects mainly risk groups in the west, but is generalised in Africa
074. HIV + TB = AIDS; TB - HIV = TB
075. GcMAF cures AIDS (and cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibroyalgia, spermatorrhea, etc)
076. 70 different cross reacting factors
077. Cord blood is full of HERVs, unlike “peripheral” blood
079. HIV-p24 is the same as the golgi transmembrane transport protein coz they’re both 24 kiloDaltons
080. Economic crisis on Wall Street
081. Reference please… and no PubMed contests!
082. Black Box Drugs
083. Lancet 2006 ART Cohort study
084. Montagnier quote mine “We can be exposed to HIV many times…”
085. PWHAs can reduce their risk of death by moving from the US to Canada
086. No occupationally acquired AIDS by needlestick
087. Popovic originally wrote that the cause of AIDS has not been identified
088. Koch’s postulates
089. “Medical Hypotheses” publishes peer reviewed evidence
090. Never demonstrated by EM in uncultured blood stream
091. None of the predictions have come true
092. AIDS doesn’t occur outside the original risk groups
093. Western Blot interpretation isn’t standardized
094. Conflict of interest!
095. 1984 press conference
096. No difference in life expectancy between medicated westerners and unmedicated Africans
097. Factor 8 causes AIDS immunosuppression
098. People with persistently less than 200 CD4 counts are perfectly healthy
099. Christine Maggiore tested HIV negative, as well as positive and indeterminate
100. I’m not denying anything. There’s no such thing as a denialist.
101. Africa’s population is increasing
102. People had immunodeficiency before AIDS was discovered
103. The water quality in Africa is terrible
104. Drug labels admit that antiretrovirals don’t cure or prevent HIV
105. Where are the official African notifiable diseases statistics for AIDS?
106. Pregnant women are likely to test false positive for HIV
107. Liver disease is the main cause of death for people on ARVs
108. This is MY bullshit theory – not Etiene’s, and definitely not Stefan’s. MINE MINE MINE!
109. Efavirenz (“Sustiva”) is an addictive drug
110. Germ theory predicts that viral epidemics always rise and fall within weeks.
111. Derrida or any mention of “deconstruction” or “post structuralism”
112. AIDS doctors killed a whole generation of gay men
113. ARV side effects = AIDS
114. Where, when and who proved HIV causes AIDS (one paper please)
115. Stress = AIDS
116. Untreated syphilis, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, etc = AIDS
117. Treatment for syphilis, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, etc = AIDS
118. Exposure to uninfected semen = AIDS, but only if it’s rectal
119. Malnutrition = AIDS
120. People don’t get AIDS unless they’re druggies*
121. HIV/AIDS Science is anti-sex Puritanism
122. The incubation for untreated HIV used to be months – now it’s 20 or 30 years
123. Scientists and clinicians don’t embrace AIDS denialism because they’re in it for the money/status
124. Escape the AIDS Zone! / Take the Red Pill!
125. HIV sequences/proteins can be found in dogs and mice
126. ARVs seem to work because they kill bacteria, fungi, and all kinds of viruses (except retroviruses)
127. ARVs seem to work because they are a mineral supplement
128. AIDS deaths dropped before HAART became available, and stopped dropping when it did.
129. HIV evolved in the early 20th century, AIDS was first noted in 1981. Therefore HIV can’t be the cause of AIDS
130. South African cause of death notifications
131. Black people test false positive more often than others because...
132. Sick people in emergency departments have a higher HIV prevalence than healthy people. Therefore being sick makes you test false positive.
133. Blacks in the US and Africa have higher HIV rates. Therefore they must as a group be having more sex.
134. Californian porn stars (who are PCR tested monthly) rarely get HIV at work. Therefore sex can’t transmit HIV.
135. The black to white HIV ratio hasn’t changed over the course of the US epidemic, but the AIDS ratio has.
136. KS is unrelated to HIV infection
137. Tommy Morrison
138. Selenium
139. Hivex Electromagnetic frequency treatment cures AIDS
140. Eugenics
141. HIV doesn’t kill T cells
142. HIV doesn’t infect enough T cells to cause AIDS
143. HIV doesn’t have a special AIDS-gene
144. There is no such thing as a slow virus
145. Robert Willner
146. a small subgroup of nitrite huffing promiscuous bath house meth trannies
147. Farr’s law
148. AIDS-defining conditions have nothing to do with immune function
149. Only gay men get KS
150. Love boxes, the Secret, or any other new age wingnuttery from Celia Farber

The DenierList™ will be an invaluable resource for participants in internet discussions about whether HIV is the cause of AIDS, whether it is sexually transmissible, whether HIV testing is meaningful, and whether the treatments are nothing but toxic poisons promoted by teh Evil PharmaGenocideDeathCult.

This will be a boon to HIV/AIDS "rethinkers". No longer will they need to go through the trouble of trying to construct coherent logical arguments around the standard canards, or remember which are the copy/paste keys for spamming third party websites. Now it is as simple as:
1. choose one or more Canards from our comprehensive DenierList™
2. select the unique Canard Identifier Number (CIN) from 001 to 100 150 best corresponding to your favorite Canard(s)
3. post CIN

The DenierList™ is also ideal for players of AIDS Denialist Bingo™ (played along the same lines as
Creationist Bingo) .

It’s as easy as:
1. Choose the array of your AIDS Denialist Bingo™ card.
2. Set up your game card using randomized allocation of listed Canards to each space in the array.
3. Log on to your chosen thread, and as denialists spout each Canard, mark it off on your card.
4. When you have marked off a complete line of Canards either horizontally, vertically or diagonally from corner to corner you have... Bingo!

*Note: Most novice players select a 25, 36 or 49 Canard card, but serious players on threads like some of the longer discussions on Aetiology or the BMJ Rapid Responses might prefer the challenge of an 81, 100, 121 or maybe 144 Canard Bingo card. Even a single post by Andrew Maniotis ups the ante to at least a 64 canard game.

Get Playing!

(Thanks to Seth and Poodles for your contributions to the DenierList™ Sorry Michael: your idiocy about stress=shrunken thymus=AIDS will have to be held over till the 121 or 144 Canard DenierList™ COMING SOON!)


MG18 said...

Great list. Liam Scheff has also recently discovered the word "polyreactive" and is using it liberally in relation to HIV antibody tests. Based on entries on his blog, I'm hopeful that the Village Voice may be going to expose the origin of Scheff's ICC story, which sadly rates as one of the most successful pieces of denier propaganda ever created (they even got the BBC to fall for it).

Snout said...

Liam probably deserves a moderate-sized Denialist Bingo™ card to himself: the only Scheffism I've included so far is "47. Harsh overly deterministic diagnosis", but as we continue to develop the DenierList™ I'm sure we can include more of his weird catchphrases.

PhiJ said...

Surely credit should be given to skeptico for the creationist bingo - it looks like PZ saw it there and went "this is good, I'll post about it on my blog" (he links to skeptico).

Snout said...

Fair point, PhiJ.

I've changed the link to give credit where it's really due.

jtdeshong said...

Come on. I am sure you are busy, but Bauer has posted some recent bullshit that needs the Snout Sniff!!
Come on, and get with the correction!!

Snout said...


Sorry, Todd, but I've looked at everything Henry's written since the beginning of March, and I can't find anything even worth reading, let alone deserving of critical examination since his bizarre and ill-informed commentary on Washington DC's HIV rates.

Since then he's degenerated into a mere shadow of a true crank, with his tediously obsessive and frankly paranoid ramblings about his interactions with Seth Kalichman and "Joe Newton" (who may or may not exist). He's pretty clearly not the full quid at the moment, and a subject for pity, not robust criticism.

I still have stuff to write about the race card issue (which is Part 3 of his basic thesis), but at the moment criticising Henry feels like picking on the retarded kid with psychological problems.

Sascha said...

Great idea! And fun for the whole family! Love it.

I would like to submit at number 82:

"Pretending to be fed up with denialists and crying for someone, anyone, to give the idiots their proof already. That should shut them up. You do have the proof, don't you?"

Came across an example at Tara's.

I am not, not Michael Geiger said...

Hi Snout,

Wonderful list, I have been playing it myself for years, so I am glad you finally discovered the game.

But the reason I am writing is because you left out some of the most important cards. I would greatly appreciate it if you would make it card Number One.

The Number One card should be "Chronic Stress" suppresses the thymus gland, creates a suppression of CD4 t-cells, thereby creating most cases of AIDS.

This denialist card is also fully backed at pubmed. You can find it here:


HIV causation theory is balanced upon the precarious balance of believing that HIV causes aids by somehow killing or subdueing or depressing CD4 T-cells.

The T in T-cells stands for THYMUS gland.

This study, done on rats to create “chronic stress” caused hypoatrophy of the thymus in 21 days.

Conclusion: The mechanism by which T-cells are suppressed, that is falsely claimed to be due to HIV, is clear. Chronic fight-or-flight stress, often exacerbated by the emotional response to the HIV/AIDS diagnosis itself, causes overexertion and atrophying of the thymus gland, leaving an insufficient number of mature or capable T-cells available to dispose of harmful agents such as viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

Again, I posit that we herein also satisfied Occam’s Razor, as we have the simplest explanation of CD4 T-cell loss or suppression.

The weakest link of HIV/AIDS theory, that HIV infection causes CD4 loss or suppression via “unknown mechanisms” is herein fully exposed as false until and unless future data support more complex theories than existing data do.

Science tends to prefer the simplest explanation that is consistent with the data available.

I believe the dissidents use this simple evidence far too insufficiently in countering HIV-theory orthodox positions, and while attempting to kick 1000 other oftelegs out from under the table of HIV-causation theories and beliefs, we are being diverted in far too many directions to be understood by the masses. I also believe many dissidents have far too long ignored the most simple and well proven explanation for AIDS and it also explains the onset, severity, and underlying causation for a majority of illnesses even in non hiv diagnosed individuals:

The well-verified effect of Chronic Stress on the thymus gland in suppression of immune systems, for all people, with or without any diagnosis of HIV.

Snout said...

Michael, please put Occam's Razor down. You know you are not allowed to play with sharp objects.

However thanks for the canard. I'd add it to the new improved 100-canard AIDS Denialist Bingo™ card, which is due out shortly. How's this sound: "Making rats swim shrinks their thymus, therefore AIDS (like all human diseases) is purely psychosomatic"?

Not, not Michael Geiger said...

Ummmm, Snout?

Your preferred title for the new card wasn't quite what I had in mind, but, ummm. I guess it is better than nothing.

With gratitude,

Not, "not Michael Geiger"

BSE said...

100 ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud whenever I read it. Just way too funny...

Seth Kalichman said...

Snout, we should print t-shirts with the list of 100 to sell at the Rethinker's Conference in Oakland. I have already ordered shirts with Newton and Duesberg on it, caption reads "Joe's Peter denies nothing"

Anonymous said...

075. “Todd called Henry a ‘kike’!” Therefore HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

So, in other words, the mere act of disagreeing with Todd's racism is an act of AIDS denialism?

Snout said...

No, Pat. Note the word "therefore".

It's a logical fallacy.

Anonymous said...

of course It is a logical fallacy but who said that?

DrDuke said...

I don't see Kary Mullis' "Show me THE document" BINGO card here.

Snout said...

I don't have the official AIDS Denialist Bingo™ rules at hand, Dr Duke, but I think you could legitimately mark off #002 if anyone tries to deploy that one.

Veritee said...

Thank you so much for this list.
I have HIV and have only just become personally aware of denialists and had discussions with them so I am a beginner in this.

I knew they existed but they only just found me and started to 'discuss' - I am active on the web as a self styled HIV awareness & testing activist so they found me!

So Ihave found this list very interestign and useful.

As in just a few short weeks I have heard most of the stuff on this list and it is reassuring to find I am not alone in thinking they are mostly crap justifications for a denial of HIV that can not really be substantiated in any way.

Thank you